Welcome to our Twisted Version of Paradise:

The Syllamo Mountain Bike Trails are an IMBA Epic designated, 50+ mile network of the most challenging yet rewarding trails in the region surrounded by an awe-inspiring landscape. Unlike many mountain bike trails that have a limited area for trail construction, the Syllamo Mountain Bike Trails stretch over thousands of acres of the Ozark National Forest, and offer frequently changing scenery with views of the peaceful White River & Sylamore Creek Valley, and the lush but rocky Ozark Mountains.


Syllamo's Revenge is a far cry from the self-supported, ultra-prepared mentality that is normally needed to experience these wondrous and remote trails. You’ll get a chance to explore over 95% of the trail network with full support and no worries about getting lost. 

You don't want to miss this opportunity to test your skills and endurance in the beautiful mountains of North West Arkansas in Springtime. So, gather your friends, embrace the challenge, and prepare for a unforgettably rowdy day in the saddle.

April 14, 2018

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